How to Prevent Wrinkles From the Inside Out

How to Prevent Wrinkles From the Inside Out

Let's talk about skin restoration!

Just like your body and mind, your skin needs to rejuvenate every once in a while to maintain daily momentum and age well. Your skin bears the brunt of environmental and food-related toxins which all contribute to premature aging. This is because it is the largest organ of the body, and pollutants cause dryness, dullness and other skin imbalances. While little can be done about external contaminants, and there are no quick fixes to reverse age, diet, and pollution damage; we can absolutely mitigate damage through prevention.

An effective skin restoration protocol should include:

1. Foods for glowing skin:
Vitamins C and E to act against the damaging effects of UV light and free-radicals. Citrus, nuts, seeds and root veggies have these vitamins.
Minerals such as zinc and selenium to build tissues and heal wounds. They are found seafood, nuts, grains, and vegetables, leafy greens, bell peppers, broccoli, sesame and sunflower seeds.
Vitamin B6, found in meats, whole grains, nuts, vegetables and bananas, to balance hormone levels.
Vitamin A to help reduce sebum levels in the skin. It’s present in mangoes, papaya, peaches, green leafy vegetables, milk and eggs.
Essential fatty acids which are found in oily fish, flax seeds, black currant seed, hempseeds.

2. Plenty of water to help remove cellular debris and waste built up from metabolic processes and environmental pollution.

3. Exercise, at least 30 minutes each day to increase blood circulation which will help push toxins to organs for elimination.

4. Limit refined sugar intake or eliminate altogether if you can. Eating sugary foods (candy, cakes, pies, pastries, etc) causes glycation, a process that damages collagen and elastin in the skin, two key proteins responsible for keeping skin firm and young.

5. Deep breathing to activate the parasympathetic nervous system thus reducing the build-up of adrenal stress hormones that can affect skin health.

You don't have to be perfect with your skin restoration protocol, just be consistent. Small, consistent steps can produce great results toward aging beautifully.

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