Londa's Laboratory with Yolanda

Londa's Laboratory with Yolanda

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Having an immunocompromised preschooler, Yolanda knew when stay at home orders were given, she had to put her family into lockdown. What she didn’t know was that it would inspire a culinary journey with them. These days, Yolanda is having fun in her laboratory...I mean, kitchen...with her three children, creating delicious recipes! What began as a necessity has now developed into a new business, new blog and personal passion. I have her here today to tell us her story... 

KOI: How did the idea for Londa’s Laboratory come about?

Londa: The idea came from my eldest son, Isaiah. One day he walked in the kitchen and told me “Mom, every time I come in here (kitchen) it’s like you’re in a lab or something. You’re always making something new”. So, my kitchen in essence is my “laboratory“

KOI: What are some of your current spice obsessions?

Londa: Some of my absolute favs are gingerbread spice, thyme, smoked paprika and smoked black pepper

KOI: Your recipes look incredible! Did you learn to cook on your own or do you have formal training/cooking background? 

Londa: Thank you! No, I do not have any formal training. I learned from both my grandmother and my father. I started cooking at 11 years old!

KOI: How do you find time to cook incredible meals for your family? 

Londa: That’s just it, COVID-19 quarantine has given me the time to cook for my family. Although, most of my recipes a very simple and easy to make; being at home allowed for me to cook more daily. Pre Covid-19, I would cook maybe 2-3 times a week.

KOI: What advice do you have for that mom who wants to expand her child’s pallet beyond PB&J and chicken nuggets - but has a picky eater on her hands?

Londa: It’s funny you should ask me that, as my eldest son is my picky eater. You just have to keep trying, that’s really the only advice I have. You try, if they don’t like it-don’t force or make a big deal about it. Give them something they do like as a backup and go on with your day. Let a couple weeks go by or even a month (if you so choose) then try it again.

KOI: Would you say your recipes are best for the beginner cook? Or someone who knows their way around the kitchen?

Londa: I would say both, I don’t create complicated recipes, because I don’t like them myself. My food blog is comprised of both my own recipes, as well as other recipes that I have tried of others.  I’m all about what’s easy and quick to prepare, but also tastes amazing!!

KOI: Do you keep certain nutritious elements in mind when creating a recipe? 

Londa: At times, I am cognizant of that; However, in my household we don’t have very many dietary restrictions. It is my hope, that if anyone does, they just tweak it to fit what works for their household.

KOI: What 3 kitchen items can’t you live without?

Londa: My gosh, I’d have to say a cast iron skillet, whisk and blender

KOI: I’m really into soup right now. I probably eat more soup in the summer than winter (I know…weird). What is your favorite soup recipe?

Londa: I also love soup, I oft times request a soup at a restaurant as my appetizer, rather than a salad. It’s a toss up between the Olive Gardens - Zuppa Tuscana copycat recipe and Hamburger Soup.

KOI: Where can followers find you online?

Londa: IG: @londaslaboratory

FB: Londaslaboratory

Website: www.londaslaboratory.com


What book are you reading? Actually, it’s a girlfriend’s manuscript- can’t reveal the name, but she will be publishing it soon! So excited for her!!

Describe yourself in one word: Resilient

What’s the top destination on your must-visit list? Santori, Greece

Sweet or salty? Both! lol I often enjoy mixing flavors together!

Favorite dessert? Oreo cookies and iced milk

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