Mom2mom with Ciara

Mom2mom with Ciara

Ciara and I met recently in a women's entrepreneurial group. She has a mommy lifestyle blog telling her story of motherhood, the joys and struggles, and postpartum depression. Having a really hard pregnancy, a boyfriend that was deployed, and feeling very alone; Ciara began to journal throughout her pregnancy. She never wanted another young mom to feel the way she felt. I have her with us today to tell us her story and journey through motherhood! 

KOI: How did the idea for mom2mom come about?

Mom2mom: My pregnancy was really difficult and I cried basically everyday for the first 6 months. After I had my child I was overwhelmed and I struggled with really bad Postpartum Depression (PPD). I journaled throughout my entire journey and I realized that other young or first-time moms probably feel the same way I do. I decided to start Mom 2 Mom so that other mothers could have a community to express themselves and experiences. I share my stories so that they know they aren’t alone and to inspire them to share theirs. My driving force is knowing that my stories can help them when they are feeling down and that’s super important to me because I felt like I didn’t have that community when I was pregnant. Yes, all of my friends were super supportive, but becoming a mother is something only another mother can relate too.

KOI: What is motherhood to you?

Mom2mom: Motherhood is a constant balancing act. It is the most rewarding thing in the world, but it’s also the most stressful. 

KOI: What is one thing you want your readers to take away when they read through your blog?

Mom2mom: I really want first-time/young moms to know that they are not alone! My biggest reason for being transparent and sharing my story is so that hopefully I can help them feel like they have someone they can talk to if they wanted.

KOI: What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

Mom2mom: My favorite thing about being a mom is watching her grow and learn new things literally everyday. Sometimes I will look at my daughter complete or do something that she couldn’t do a month ago and I literally cry. It’s so rewarding because I created her and I love every single thing about her.

KOI: What is something that surprised you about being a mom that you weren’t expecting?

Mom2mom: So I have always had multiple things on my plate at once and I never really slept a lot, but the lack of sleep you get when you have a baby is so different! You are so EXHAUSTED as if you ran a marathon and you’re like that every single day! Also, I had to learn to make a bottle and hold a crying baby and I just was not prepared lol.

KOI: Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach parenting?

Mom2mom: Definitely my mom. Growing up I didn’t really understand why she instilled certain values in me, but now being a mom I really want to teach my daughter the same things.

KOI: What is the best advice you have for the parent of a trying toddler?

Mom2mom: Don’t forget that they have feelings too, they have bad days just like us and they are still learning so you have to talk them through things rather than just yell at them. Yes, that’s better said than done but eventually it will become second nature.

KOI: What was the best advice on motherhood you have ever received?

Mom2mom: My child is MY child and only I can make the best decision for her and it doesn’t matter what anyone else says.

KOI: Where can followers find you online?

Mom2mom: IG: @ciaramom2mom 

IG: @mom2momlifestyle 

FB: @mom2momlifestyle 



Best diapers for value and function? 

Pampers! They we’re the only diapers she never leaked through!

Favorite children’s book?

Right now, it’s Baby Shark and the Family Orchestra

What’s the least useful baby item?

Bassinet; she only slept in it for about a month and honestly I let her sleep with me a lot lol

What’s the most useful baby item?

Diaper Genie! It was an absolute lifesaver!!

Favorite go-to dinner recipe when you are short on time?

Breakfast for dinner or chicken quesadillas

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