Sewful Hands Sewing Studio with Leslie

Sewful Hands Sewing Studio with Leslie

I met Leslie online in an entrepreneurial group on Facebook. I thought she made gorgeous hair bonnets and masks, so I asked if she'd let me interview her for my blog so that my readers could get to know her. Today we have her for some Q&A!

My name is Leslie, I am a wife, mother, sister, grandmother, and Christian servant. I am also the owner of Sewful Hands Sewing Studio. A customizing online business that provides an array of beautiful satin-lined protective hair bonnets and face-covering sets.

KOI: Your tagline is, “BEAUTY IS IN YOU. STYLE IS HOW YOU PRESENT IT. LOOK, FEEL, & BE GOOD”. What is your style?

Sewful: Personally, my biggest fashion appreciation right now is self-expression. I am in love with the confidence women are showing How fearless do you have to be to rock a pink blunt cut bob paired with MACs Flat Out Fabulous lip color!? Like for me, THAT woman is screaming I am not scared of you, world! She is the epitome of our tag line Beauty is in you, Style is how you present it. Look good, feel good & be good. We want every female to know that she is beautiful. Her beauty is hers to share with the world. So flaunt it!

KOI: What do you believe is the key to looking good and feeling good?

Sewful: When you like the you that you see, you instantly feel good, that feeling causes a glow that radiates onto others, The positive vibes given off will cause others to feel good, hence you are now the good that motivates good in others!
Now, take all of that fierceness and beauty from the day, wrap it up in a bonnet and that’s where SewfulHands wants to meet you.

KOI: Your bonnets are gorgeous! What was your inspiration to do bonnets?

Sewful: Sewful Hands actually kind of created itself. I don’t have an extensive marketing education or a compelling story of determination to achieve entrepreneurship. See, I set out to simply make cute outfits for my granddaughter. It was quite simply a hobby and a determined toddler that launched this business endeavor. I was sitting at the machine with a leftover piece of fabric that happened to be in a circular shape. I was wearing a hair bonnet at the time and my granddaughter was fixed on taking it off of my head to put on hers. Then IT happened - tah-daaah!!! Let Ma Ma make you your very own bonnet!

My first bonnet took about seventeen hours to make. No pattern, just an idea was how it started. The next day my son's girlfriend was amazed by it. I told her to take it home and try it out for me. Make sure it stays on and doesn’t pull your hair. Plus my son’s girlfriend has the best curly hair in the world. If my bonnet could protect her delicate curls, I thought, this might be Christmas gifts in December. Fast forward to Christmas Day and the women in my family were quite satisfied with their custom hair Bonnets. The business concept was entertained.

I did some light Facebook advertising among friends and family and landed quite a few orders. BUT Covid19 restructured my business plan. Because I had shown that I could operate a sewing machine the demand switched from bonnet making to “are you going to make masks”. The truth is I really did not want to. Making a profit off of a needed item did not sit well with me at all. For the whole month of April declined every request for mask making.

Now it’s May, the requests are still coming in for masks, so being a woman of faith I just asked God what to do. He said to meet the need. I began selling them for $5 each believing that God would provide every needed thing to complete the craziness I had just agreed to open myself up to. Friends and family fainted when they heard the price I was charging. At this time masks are selling all over for no less than $15. They asked, “Why are you selling yourself short?” “They yelled you could be making lots of money!” They pleaded for me to raise the prices. But my conviction was real. God promised me that he would take care of it. I mean, He did promise me, didn’t He? Absolutely! In June the bonnet and face-covering set was born. It has been an unexpected blessing all the way around. I’ve been completing orders for sets daily since we launched the first set. We have now started a Facebook and an Instagram page and the orders and inquiries are increasing daily. This success is what I believe to be the reward of being obedient to the instructions from God. He’s just really good to us that way; you know?

KOI: What other gifts/items do you offer?

Sewful: I’m in the process of adding to our line of merchandise. We’ll soon launch a unique gift line that will include expressive tees and bonnet sets, personalized gifts for the home, and a children’s line called JylyBean. The JylyBean line will include tees and bonnet sets for little girls. These items are expected to be available for Holiday/Christmas shopping this year!

KOI: How would you describe yourself?

Sewful: I’ve always been a behind the scenes kind of girl, the engine of the car you know? I believe many would agree with me when I say I’m reliable. I carry that into this business endeavor because I need our customers to know that I have their best interest and I’m going to work for them without fail.

KOI: What is something you're looking forward to?  

Sewful: As soon as it’s safe to travel again my husband and I are looking forward to visiting Dubai. Then, I promise I’m all in for each and every one of our customers 😂😂😂

KOI: Where can followers find you online?

Sewful: Sewful Hands Sewing Studio is a brand new, welcomed journey. I am excited about the scenic route and would love to share the ride with your readers! They can find us here on Facebook, here on Instagram or on our website at 

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