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  • How to Restore Your Skin From the Inside Out

    How to Restore Your Skin From the Inside Out
    Just like your body and mind, your skin needs to rejuvenate every once in a while to maintain daily momentum and age well
  • Cleansing with Hibiscus Baobab Flawless Facial Oil

    Cleansing with Hibiscus Baobab Flawless Facial Oil

    Did you know you can cleanse your face with our Flawless Facial Oil? Cleansing with oil can be a wonderful addition to your skin care routine, whether used alone or as part of a double cleanse.

    It’s another option to remove makeup, surface debris, and excess oil. What makes oil cleansing different is how it works compared to traditional water-soluble cleansers that have a cream, gel, or foaming texture. Traditional cleansers cleanse primarily with surfactants, ingredients that interact with oil, makeup, and surface debris on skin in a manner that allows them to be rinsed with water. 

    Oils don’t just moisturize skin, they also work as solvents, a group of ingredients that can dissolve similar substances (remember the rule, “like dissolves like” from chemistry class?). Oils are a special type of solvent because they’re lipophilic, meaning they’re naturally attracted to other oils, including the sebum our skin produces and the oil-like ingredients in makeup. This is what allows the oils in a cleansing oil to quickly dissolve makeup and excess oil while softening skin at the same time.

    The main benefits of cleansing with oil:

    Provides a quick and easy removal of all types of makeup and sunscreens.

    The gentlest way to cleanse your skin thoroughly.

    It doesn't disrupt the natural pH level of your skin and never leaves your skin feeling tight and dry. Instead, your skin feels clean and fresh!

    Leave skin feeling supple and smooth.

    Is compatible with any other type of cleanser should you choose to double cleanse

    How to cleanse with oil: 

    It’s very much like using a regular cleanser: Apply a quarter size amount into palm of hand, and gently massage onto dry or damp skin. Let sit for a minute or two. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and washcloth. Pat skin dry with a soft, clean towel.

    Cleansing with oil is my new favorite way to thoroughly cleanse my face and I adore how fresh my face feels after with NO greasy residue! 😄

    Try it and let me know what you think!


  • Nature’s Botox

    Nature’s Botox
    Known as "Nature's Botox", studies show Hibiscus anti-aging effects through maintainence of elastin.
  • How To Care for Mature Skin

    How To Care for Mature Skin

    Every face tells a story. A smile, a frown, a lifted eyebrow - our faces are expressive and help us connect with those around us. Our faces are also on the front line, bombarded by the sun, air pollution, and dirt. When we are working too hard or skipping our daily doses of vitamins and water, our faces show this, too. Whether we’re smiling, laughing, crying or puzzling, our faces deserve the best care we can give. Nurturing our faces also lifts our mind and spirit along the way. Having a consistent skincare routine and great products to use will give you the extra edge you need to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

    What processes occur in our body as we age, and how can we stop them? These are the most frequent questions not only in mature age, but also with younger women who are increasingly proactive about their future appearance. Let's start with what changes take place in our skin with the passage of time. 
    First and foremost the content of collagen and elastin in the skin decreases. These substances serve as a kind of scaffolding, they are responsible for making the skin firm and elastic.

    Another problem is the reduced volume of hyaluronic acid, responsible for retaining water in the dermis. Its low content results in the appearance of wrinkles not only on the face, but also the neck and chest. Over time, elasticity of the skin decreases and it slowly loses its natural regenerative abilities.
    Regardless of the age, your skin also has to fight against its external enemies – alcohol and coffee when consumed in excessive amounts, drastic slimming treatments, cold and/or dry air, sunlight and stress.

    The three main factors affecting your skin's condition are:
    1. Balanced diet

    Our skin's condition in maturity is not just a matter of genes and cosmetics, but also how we treated it and fed it throughout our lives. Thus:
     Eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible
     Always go for unprocessed products
     Choose dark, whole-grain breads, rice, pasta
     Oxygenate yourself by enjoying sports or taking brisk walks (about 30 min 3 x a week)
     Sleep well – eight hours of sleep is necessary to restore the skin’s power of self-regeneration

    For mature skin; anti-aging skin care focused on active stimulation of collagen and elastin for self-renewal will provide comprehensive care to improve your skin condition. Keep good a balance between a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, supplementation and your skin will reward you with a beautiful appearance!

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