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  • Thrifting with Angelica of Angie's Closet

    Thrifting with Angelica of Angie's Closet

    Angelica of Angie's Closet is a mom, model and fashionista who shares my love of thrifting! We met in a thrifting group and I wanted to learn a bit more about her and her style. Today we have her for some Q&A!

    KOI: How did the idea for @pinkmoracloset come about?
    Pink: I was just cleaning out my closet after having a baby!

    KOI: What made you decide to start thrifting?
    Pink: I have always been a thrifter! I love finding all unique styles 💕

    KOI: What are some of your current fashion obsessions?
    Pink: Love and live in baggy t-shirts & high waisted jeans!

    KOI: What is your favorite item of clothing?
    Pink: Hats 💕

    KOI: Where can followers find you online?
    Pink: @pinkmoracloset

    KOI: What are 3 fashion pieces you can’t live without?
    Pink: Leggings, t-shirts, high wasted jeans

    KOI: What one word would you use to describe yourself?
    Pink: Spontaneous

    KOI: JUST FOR FUN fast round…
    1. Makeup or no makeup? No make up
    2. Heels or flats? Heels or sneakers
    3. What’s the top destination on your must-visit list? Grand Canyon!

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