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The Cleansing Bar That Feeds Your Skin™!

23 Oct '16

Introducing The Peruvian Superfood: Purple Maize

Posted by Heather Lentz in beauty, purple corn, superfood

Peruvian Purple Maize (aka Purple Corn) is one of the highest antioxidant superfoods on the planet. Anthocyanins are colorful pigments that give purple corn its deep color. But it also provides incredible health benefits. In fact there is a unique and abundant anthocyanin in purple corn called “C3G” that is being studied vigorously because of its payload in antioxidant power and the health benefits it can offer.

So clearly purple corn and other deep blue/purple foods are good to take internally, but what about for your skin? A growing and strong body of evidence suggests that topical antioxidants in general and anthocyanins in particular, have significant beneficial effects for human skin. Anthocyanins prevent free radicals from damaging the skin; prevents wrinkles and help to maintain smooth skin thus helping you look younger longer! Who doesn’t want that?! So this is why I created the Purple Corn Supernatural Beauty Bar as one of my Beauty Bar formulas.