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About Koi Botanicals

We are on a mission to help women feel confident in their skin

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Hi! I'm Heather, the Founder and Chief Formulator of Koi Botanicals!

In 2014, I began experimenting with making natural soaps, because at the time, the market just didn't offer products that I was willing to put on my skin. All the products were chemically dominant and had a harsh, long-term impact on the skin. Over time, I perfected my own soap making process, and decided to use real food ingredients, straight from the kitchen, in all my formulations.  


I founded Koi as a natural continuation of my early skin care exploration, but as it turns out, my fledgling company also helped to restore my lost confidence and rediscover my own true self after leaving a toxic and emotionally abusive marriage. 


I found that the research and development process was not only fun, but gave me energy and focus for my journey toward emotional healing. My confidence began to grow and deepen when I saw, heard and read about the impact my products made in the lives of the women who used them. 

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Through my study of herbs and botanicals, I found that they can be blended to work wonders on the skin. Nearly 20 years of clinical and research laboratory work along with studies in natural cosmetic formulation, led me to craft effective, healthy skincare products that deliver noticeable results. I continue to keep up to date with important scientific trends, while embracing proven, ancient healing and natural herbal traditions.

This strong, dual mind approach, which brings together the old and the new, is how Koi Botanicals is able to bring you the most effective, natural skincare so that you can feel confident in your skin, and fulfill your greatest potential. 

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