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Our Environmental Commitment

Our Product Packaging is 95% plastic-free
The standard packaging for our Beauty Bars is a simple recyclable cardboard box made from recycled paper that can be tossed in your paper recycling bin.

We decided on recyclable aluminum tins for our Herbal Jelly because they are easy and inexpensive to recycle. If you purchase our products at a retail store, there will be a protective poly shrink band around the lid.

Please recycle aluminum tins or you can wash and reuse tins to store bulk spices, loose change, buttons, safety pins, small craft supplies, etc.
Our facial care products are packed in glass bottles. The treatment pumps are metal on the outside, but the inside tube and protective cap are plastic. If you purchase them at a retail shop, they also will have a protective poly shrink band around the lid. Glass bottles are 100% recyclable. 

When we ship our products to you, they are wrapped in Green Wrap. We all have fond childhood memories of enthusiastically popping the bubble wrap. And let’s be real, as adults we still get kicks out of mad sessions of bubble wrap popping. But beyond the short-lived thrill of snapping sounds and sensations, plastic bubble wrap has nothing going for it past the 30 seconds of elementary entertainment before being tossed into the trash and added to our mountains of landfill waste for eternity.

After being wrapped in Green Wrap, we ship to you in cardboard boxes. I’m pretty sure cardboard boxes are a modern harbinger of joy! Everyone gets a little excited whenever they come home to find boxed Amazon packages, a subscription service box or something else they ordered outside their front door. Cardboard boxes play quite a significant role in our daily lives. Whether serving as a means of storing our memories or as a way to ship care packages to family and friends, cardboard is everywhere and for good reason - its incredible sustainability.

Aside from recycling, here are some other ways to reuse cardboard boxes:

Compost them. Cardboard can easily be added to a compost pile and used for mulch and gardening

Protect your floors when painting

Make drawer dividers

Use them for home storage

Use them for car or garage storage

Make a cat playhouse

Keep them for shipping gifts to family and friends





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