"I have been plagued by dry hard spots on my hands that itch for months. Numerous prescription meds have not worked as well as 5 days of Herbal jelly!" Heidi, Cleveland Ohio

"I have oily skin and I use the Hibiscus Baobab Flawless Facial Oil daily at night. It absorbs well and leaves my skin feeling smooth even the next morning!" ~ Jeanette, Uniontown Ohio

"I have thrown away all of my other facial beauty items and am only using Koi Botanical products! The Peppermint Floral Water Refreshing Toner is so refreshing and smells so good! I love the way my skin feels after applying!" ~ Janet, Staten Island, New York

"My skin is brighter and less irritated after just a few weeks of use of the Rose Water Eye & Face Serum. Love this!" ~ Amy, Canton Ohio

"Noticing a difference in my skin within the first week of use of the Rose Water Eye & Face Serum. My skin looks like it has a healthy glow" ~ Amy, Uniontown Ohio

"I'm a believer! Toner really is the missing ingredient to tone and tighten skin" ~ Lake, Sebring Ohio

The moisturizer "absorbs well and doesn't leave a greasy residue. My crows feet have dimished!" ~ Lake, Sebring Ohio

"My 69 year old face feels amazing and the the serum made my face smooth in less than a week!" ~ Cindy, Massillon Ohio

"The Herbal Jelly feels great on my lips" ~ Sharon, Canton Ohio

"This serum is light and super absorbent on my skin...does not leave any residue behind like other products I have used in the past. Makes my face feel fresh and clean!!" ~ Jennie, Columbus, Ohio

"I'm at the 2-week mark with the tumeric soap and my face looks and feels amazing. I gave some of the wheatgrass soap to my friend who has Rosacea and daughters that have eczema and it relieved all of their symptoms" ~ Melissa, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

"I just want you to know how much I LOVE your soap! I can't believe how good my skin looks after two weeks! I took some to my daughter in Dallas and she loves it too!!" ~ Dawne, Fairlawn, Ohio

“Love the soaps! I can’t believe how good my skin feels and looks!” ~ Marie, Canton Ohio   

The Wheatgrass soap has really improved my daughter’s eczema all over her body. During the summer she loves to swim but her skin doesn’t. However, this summer it was not a problem for her at all as she has used the Wheatgrass soap. This product has cleared her eczema to the point of relief and cleared the skin in some of her worst patches of skin!” ~ Jessica, Dover Ohio

“I used the turmeric bar in my hair as a shampoo. It took away my dandruff, and scalp itchiness. And as far as I’m concerned, I don’t have to buy shampoo ever again!” Bryan, Dover Ohio

“I need more turmeric! It cleared up my uncle’s rosacea and he’s tried everything!!” ~ Abbie, Dover Ohio

 “The purple corn came in handy earlier when my daughter had to choose a soap to get her mouth washed out with. Lol! She said “this looks pretty safe. LOVE your soaps!” ~ Jessica, Dover Ohio

“The soaps are great! They really cleared up my acne, and made my face feel so good!” ~ Monica, Canton Ohio

“I use all natural products all the time, and never have I run across such an amazing product as this. I can’t believe how wonderful my skin feels. I am completely in shock at how amazing these soaps are. You’ve created a wonderful product…” ~ Johanna, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio

“When I get out of the shower, my skin doesn’t feel tight and dry as it does when I use regular soap” ~ Andrea, Canton Ohio

“I really love that Turmeric. I need more!” ~ Colin, Columbus Ohio

“This soap is amazing! My face has never felt so clean before!” ~ Jeremy, Canton Ohio

“Beautifully packaged, smell wonderful, not like chemicals, they make shaving my legs a breeze, and my skin seems more moisturized…all awesome benefits!” Krystal, Akron Ohio

“Smells so fresh and clean and rinses so well” ~ Carol, Minvera Ohio

“So beautifully packaged and smell divine!” ~ Cindy, Massillon Ohio

“Top notch product ;)” ~ KP, Cleveland Ohio

“When I received my soap, I could smell that wonderful smell through the box! Also I like the shape of the bars, the rough edge allows you to get a good hold of it so it will not slip out of your hand. It also suds up good. I put the other two bars in my dresser drawers until I am ready to use them so now my pjs smell good!” ~ Cindy, North Lawrence Ohio

“I love the soaps! They smell amazing and gently exfoliate leaving my skin feeling soft and refreshed. I appreciate not needing to worry about any harsh or harmful ingredients” ~ Karen, New Philadelphia Ohio

“I have always used natural soaps on my skin, but Koi soaps have kept my skin moist and have made a huge difference in my skin tone and complexion” ~ Margaret, Barberton Ohio

“Koi Soaps are the best soaps I’ve ever used. These soaps feed your skin a clean healthy diet. My skin not only feels better but it looks younger and healthier!!” ~ Debi, Dover Ohio

“I really love Koi soap. It has made a huge change in my skin condition. I have extremely dry skin and at times my hands and heels crack. Since I have been using the soap I have not had any issues. They not only smell great but the essential oils help your skin to become soft and healthy. I also like that they are all natural without any extra additives.” ~ Carissa, Canton Ohio

“I love the Koi soaps. I have been trying to cut out as many chemicals as possible, so nourishing my skin with a chemical-free product is wonderful! I have even noticed that my skin is softer and more moisturized than with other products. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a more natural alternative to the chemical laden products on the market.” ~ Martha, Akron Ohio